Friday, July 10, 2009

Lists For You Blog Opening

Welcome to Lists for You!

Lists are incredibly popular, so why not have a blog specifically for lists?

A group of experts on a large number of subjects will be creating lists here--you should find a new list every few days.

Are there lists you are interested in?

The most popular musical groups of the 1980s?

The steps to finding a cheap, safe apartment to rent?

The major concerns of new mothers?

Ways of choosing a career?

Best part-time jobs for college students?

The most common mechanical errors that will shoot down your resume--and you won't know why?

Ways of faking your way through a college exam?

Steps in house training a puppy?

Steps to take if you are arrested?

Methods of beating the effects of menopause?

Most popular films of the year?

What lists are YOU interested in? With the experts on this blog, chances are somebody will be able to create the list you want. Put your requests in the comment area, and we will create your list as soon as possible. Meanwhile, our experts will post lists of things that they are interested in.

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