Sunday, July 12, 2009

10 Item Starter Kit For Screenwriters

You can make-do with make-shift tools while learning a new craft.

Or you can start off with professional tools you will use throughout your new career.

Nothing on this list is indispensable. Great stories have been written in pencil on toilet paper, possibly on rocks with blood. A writer will write no matter what. But why suffer?

Learn the Origin and Theory of the modern screenplay:

And last but perhaps the most vital tool for the aspiring screenwriter, two books that analyzes with examples, every kind of feature film that wins major awards and shows exactly what ingredients you must include to win those awards yourself.

Now get the tools to craft a screenplay of your own in a form that can be submitted everywhere.

Choose screenwriting software.

Here's a tool that lets you lay out one of those award winning screenplays Blake Snyder has analyzed. It gives you electronic cards (that grow in size as needed) just like the Hollywood producers use on a board to arrange and re-arrange scenes.

Final Draft is the standard screenwriting software for producers on the WEST COAST of the USA

Movie Magic is the standard screenwriting software for those working on the EAST COAST of the USA

Or choose a kit:

Keep up

While writing, keep up with the high-speed industry. Creative Screenwriting provides you access to the most current screenplay contests. Scoring high in a contest is now the way new writers break in and get working producers to read their scripts.

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Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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